Monday, 17 December 2007

Out of Reach

Sorry that is has been so long between posts but we have been working on a couple of projects that have taken us far from home and far from an internet connection. We have been working with a group or researchers in the north of Scotland looking at seal populations. For the last week we have been climbing and photographing some dedicated climbers in the French region of Fontainbleau who are putting up with the cold winter temperatures to get the best conditions for climbing the sandstone boulders in the Fontainbleau Forest. It has been great fun as well as a learning experience especially in working in the cold again. We have been working on a few new techniques that I will post about in the future.

For those who are checking back about the workshop for next year the Little Desert National Park is sorted and we are just sorting out the final details for Broome (just sorting out the food) and I will announce the full details as soon as it is all done.

Back soon,

Craig