Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What did you do on the weekend?

We went and shot this sea stack on the south coast of Tasmania, an amazing feature about 4 meters wide and 60 meters tall. Quite an epic adventure with big packs full of glass and rope to make the images possible. It was a long and cold day despite the blue skies in the picture, with the wind blowing 30 knots straight from Antarctica. But for all the hardship the images were worth it. Such a great day with some amazing people. Sometimes photography is all about the images. Sometimes it is about the adventure as well.

PS the stack is so big and the vantage points so few this image is actually a stitched vertical panorama of 22 images shot while hanging in space above the sea. This is so we could see that it is a detached pillar and fit the while thing in one frame.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Broome Bird Observatory Workshop 2010

Just got back form the Broome Bird Observatory where we held another great workshop. The days were long and hot but everyone was keen and we all had a great time. We also got a few great images. Although I spend most of my time at the workshops helping the participants I still tote a camera along and manage to snap off a few frames here and there and as promised here are a few of my images from the trip.

(Above) A very agreeable Eastern Reef Egret
I always shoot in burst mode to try to get the best head angle with the sun at my back to get a nice catch-light in the birds eye.

We had a few close encounters everyday including this one with a family of Broad Billed Whistlers. Three displayed for us for quite a while before we headed into the mangroves.

Ruddy Turnstones in flight

Although the numbers of large flocks were down from last year there was still plenty to shoot with loads of action from the bush birds as well as on the beaches.

Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper
Getting down low makes it easier to approach subjects as well as giving a great out of focus background to help make subjects 'POP'.

We are in the process of sorting dates for 2010 at the moment so send me an email if you are keen to come along next year. I cannot wait to head back!