Saturday, 16 February 2008

Top Photography Blogs

Here is a quick list of my favorite photography blogs at the moment, in no particular order...

If you haven't heard of this you must have been visiting a different planet for the last six months. A fantastic learning resource for anyone shooting with flash.

A fantastic all round shooter comercial photographer Joe McNally's new blog is destined to be a good one to watch. Also check out his book ' The Moment it Clicks'.

Though technically not a blog, rather a monthly update, Dave Black's Workshop at the Ranch is a great resource for action/sports shooters (I include wildlife in the action category.)

Again not a blog but a weekly article on all things related to digital landscape photography.

An interesting update from one of the worlds best wildlife photographers Moose Peterson and a brief insight into how he get things done.

An eclectic and interesting read on all aspects of photography.

Well there are a few links to keep you busy an d learn a few new things about photography.

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