Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Adelaide Camera Club Follow Up

Well I went along to the ACC last night and had a great time. I showed a bunch of images and gave a few tips on how to capture better birds images. It was a good evening with a big crowd full of interesting people all keen to learn about photography and improve their imagery. It was great talking to the people there and answering their questions about nature photography and what it is like to be a full time shooter. I hope that everyone there enjoyed it as much as I did and hope to be invited back in the future to share some more images and ideas or help out in any way I can.

If anyone there last night is reading thanks for having me and see you soon.



1 comment:

Phuong said...

Hi Craig,
I was there at your presentation and would like to say thank you for an enjoyable informative night with beautiful images. After looking through the 600mm, i wish i had one.
I now even consider converting to Nikon for the D3 instead of waiting for Canon 5d MKII release.

Keep up the great work.