Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Nikon D3x

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours you will no doubt be aware that Nikon has released details of the new D3x, a 24MP upgrade to the fantastic D3. Already I have had a number of emails asking "Should I get a D3?" This is a question I cannot answer as I do not know if it will fit in with your style of shooting and workflow. Will I be getting one? Well I am not sure. Regular readers of this blog and workshop participants will know that I place the amount of mega pixels well down the list of desired features of a camera. First comes quality of pixels, which I am sure will be very high quality pixels in the D3x, that is why we had to wait for so long. Next comes other features like FPS, good (low) noise at high ISO, both which are not as good as the D3 and last is the amount of MP. If everthing else was equal I would choose the higher MP camera but before that the other factors are more important for me and my shooting. The advantage of the 24 MP D3x is in the detail. Having all that resolution means I can crop panoramas from a single frame image and easily print them one meter wide and as for high resolution stitched panoramas, well they will be killer when stitching six images together and printing them one meter high! So will I get one? Possibly. The D3is awesome. The file quality at high ISOs has opened a whole new world of photographic possibilities and the higher resolution of the D3x will open more doors too. I won't get a chance to get my hands on one until after Christmas but will let you know what I think (and if I will keep it) once I do.


Kevin said...

this video can help you decide.

Craig said...

Cheers Kevin, Loved it! Bet many folk are having a harder time than that to decide. I think the best thin about the D3x is that there will be plenty of 2nd hand D3s on the market soon!