Thursday, 30 April 2009

Travelling as a Photographer

Travelling as a photographer is always difficult. These days one of the most difficult ways to travel is by air. You can read about how I avoid some of the problems associated with air travel in the April issue of Australian Photography Magazine (09).

With these increased difficulties of travelling with large amounts of photography equipment I prefer to travel by road if possible. No queues, no weight limits and no excess baggage. The only thing you do have to be aware of is time. On a plane you board the plane and then you get there. When driving you are your own captain and as a photographer if the light is good you are going to want to stop on route.

This is best described by my own rece
nt record of six and a half hours to make a three hour drive. So make sure when you are preparing for your next trip to pack a few extra hours travel time so you can grab a few shots on the way.

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