Thursday, 21 May 2009

World Wide Photo Walk

We are hitting the streets of Adelaide on the 18th of July to take part in the World Wide Photo Walk. This is going to be a great day with loads of photogs joining in to see what we can find and photograph. This is a great chance to meet up with like minded people, get out and share the passion we all have for photography. I am to lead the Adelaide group, now all I have to do is decide on a location. If you have any ideas/preferences let me know via the comments or email and lets get this happening. If you want to sign up, and why wouldn't you click on the picture above and if you are not in Adelaide then click here to find a Photo Walk in your area.

Hope to see you there!


Kevin Godfrey said...

Hi Craig, maybe through the Botanic Gardens and the East end? That would give people a bit of variety to shoot.

Cheers Kevin

Kerri said...

Hi ya :-)
All along North Tce, and the torrens too, tons of stuff to photograph :-)
Sounds good, any Idea what times ?

JanB said...

Another suggestion, South Terrace, Veale Gardens, Keswick Bridge and West Terrace Cemetery.

Happy to follow wherever the walk goes

JanB said...

Another suggestion could be
South Terrace, Veale Gardens, West Terrace Cemetery....

Look forward to more info as it becomes available

Craig said...

Keep the suggestions coming.

My ideas are North Tce. Checking out Bonython Hall and the University, heading down to the Torrens then to the Festival Centre and ending at St Peters.

Option two is to the check out Port Adelaide looking at the inner harbour, the buildings, boats and the people.

And a third idea is to visit Glenelg. Not the best place mid winter but still full of photographic potential.

As for times the walk will be leaving at 3.30 to get the best of the afternoon light. Sunset is about 5.20 so any keen folk (keen enough to bring a tripod) can get some night shots as well.

I am leaning onwards the Nt Tce Nt Adelaide option because I know a few nice pubs in the area, gotta get your priorities right.


Michael said...

I am liking the ideas for a city walk. One thought I would add and its probably to state the obvious is if we are working the afternoon light we may need to favour the western side of the city. North Terrace is fantastic in the morning and certainly some buildings are well lit in the afternoon such as the old Institute (library) building on Kintore. Also in the afternoon some buildings on King William (Eastern side) catch the light nicely too.

fozzie said...

Hi Craig, You may also like to consider the Central Market, variety of cultures and food etc.

Craig said...

In regards to the Botanic Gardens and the Central Markets, both are good with fantastic photo ops but we potentially have 51 people marching around as a group. This many folk in the markets on a Saturday would be killer and we would need permission to organise a group of that size on DEH land (Botanic Gardens is owned by the DEH).

In regards to the light on Nt Tce. anything that faces north or west will offer potentially great light. Nt Tce. is always a problem as the fronts of the buildings face south and never receive any direct light, even mid summer at midday. That still leaves us with a number of great options with the arvo light on Nt Tce though and some good evening glow after sunset facing NW eg St Peters Cathedral. Unfortunately there aren't loads of great photo ops in the west end of town. City West (Uni SA) is pretty cool and there are always loads of interesting folk down Hindley St? Another point about the light is that it is going to be mid-July so we may have no light at all!

I will give it a couple of days and if we don't get any more suggestions I will make a decision from what has already come up.

JanB said...

I'm happy with what ever you decide. The alternative of Port Adelaide sounds pretty good to me as well.