Thursday, 20 August 2009

Too many two hundreds

Packing for two trips at the moment (workshop this weekend then a quick turnaround for a trip up north on Monday) and came across the usual what to pack dilemma. While sorting the gear I was surprised at how many 200mm lenses I use. I wouldn't have thought 200 would be a favourite of mine but it appears so. Click read more for the full list.

70-200 2.8 the standard tele zoom
200mm micro, the killer macro lens
70-300 VR a great flight lens, so light, so cheep
80-400 VR a very versatile light weight option
200-400 VR awesome for so many situations
200 f2 not just for low light

I still don't think that 200mm is my most used focal length but it is interesting to see where all these fit into creating images. MTK next week.

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