Monday, 2 July 2007

I too can Blog

Well it has taken a long time but we have finally set up a blog. This is designed to take over from the newsletters that have gotten fewer and fewer in the last 12 months as things have been getting busier around here.

The blog will be updated as much as we can with anything interesting to report. This will include info on new equipment to help you expand your photographic vision, tips for better shooting and tutorials and hints on how to maximize the quality of your images in the digital darkroom.

We will also use this to keep you up to date with up coming appearances and workshops so hopefully this will keep you interested. We will even be updating this from the field as we have a couple of extended trips coming up and hope to keep you abreast of whats going down while we are out and about.

Anyway I hope this finds you all well and the weather isn't limiting you too much.

Happy shooting.

Photo captured with D2x, 24-120mm. A 6 second exposure creates the misty effect due to the waves moving during the shot.

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