Monday, 9 July 2007

24-120mm AFS VR f3.5-5.6

What a lens, this little baby packs a lot int such a small size and eliminates carrying around a few lenses to cover the range as well as saving on changing lenses. A real bonus when the action heats up or when shooting in a dusty environment.

This lens gets a lot of stick for not being fast and not being super sharp but it does what I need it too and that is the important thing. And the 1 meter wide prints look awesome! This and the 12-24 are my work horse lenses for climbing images. Two lenses and such a huge range is great for a light weight setup when working at the cliff.

The 72mm filter size messes with the filter system I have been using for years (every other lens I use filters on the front of has a 77mm thread) but I just carry a step up ring to sit between the 72mm lens and my 77mm filters.

The VR is awesome, especially good when you cannot use a tripod like when hanging from a rope. The VR won't freeze the action but can assure sharper backgrounds and foregrounds when swinging in the breeze 100m off the deck.

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