Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nikon Treats - Or - What is better than the D90

The folk at Nikon have unleashed a bunch of new tools for us to ply our photographic trade most of which you would have already heard of. Notably a couple of new cameras (goodbye D300 hello D700) and some new glass. This has been bandied about the press and internet but my favourite new release is getting less attention. The GP-1 is a GPS unit that automatically tags all images with the GPS location (Geotag) in the EXIF data. I have been geotaging images for a while now but this has made it even easier. It even works as a pass through for a cable release (it connects using the 10 pin remote) which is better than the current system I am using. I have my order in already!

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Boyan said...

Not sure if this gadget it worth it --- it makes the camera even bulkier, and its job is already done admirably well by GeoSetter (free software). All you need is a GPS with tracklogs that you probably already own for your car. Sync up the time with your camera, leave the GPS unit on, and then let GeoSetter do its magic. Yes, it is one extra step, but it is pretty quick and very accurate.