Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Back to Gluepot

Just back from teaching again at Gluepot Reserve. The Nature Photo course was a blast with a bunch of great folk eager to learn. We all had a fun time, learnt loads and came away with a few nice pictures to share. Even managed to get a few images of birds on a couple of participants target list. Off to teach the macro course this weekend. This course teaches participant how to make the most of their time in the field when shooting the world in close up with loads of information on how to maximise the quality of your shots, equipment tips and a few trick to get great macro images. There are two places left if you are quick. For more info have a look at the brochure here or contact me directly (leave a comment if you wish) to book your place.

The photo above is of a critically endangered Green Hood Orchid found only in a few small locations in the Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia. Orchids are renowned for being difficult to photograph. Small, very three dimensional flowers on long thin stems, located in dark undergrowth. With a little knowledge and a couple of cheap accessories photographing orchids is easy. This image was taken using a diffuser and a reflector to modify the light, A tripod that can be set up at ground level to get the angle, a Wimberley Plamp to hold the flower steady in the breeze without damaging it. And a 200mm micro on a D3 to capture the image. All easy when you know how.


Kevin said...

Hi Craig,

I'll come, if there is still a spot.


Craig said...

Cheers Kevin, I received your email, looks like there is now just one place left on the Macro Course.