Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Lightroom Shortcuts

Full screen editing in Lightroom, F to enter fullscreen and Shift + Tab to hide the panels.

Following on from yesterdays post about Photoshop shortcuts, here are the top ten Lightroom shortcuts.

  1. F changes the screen mode just like in Photoshop, same key too!
  2. Again just like in Photoshop Tab hides the panels, Shift + Tab hides the filmstrip and module picker as well to give you a fullscreen view.
  3. D, go to Develop Module. You spend most of your time here anyway so it mays as well be easy to get to.
  4. G go to Grid mode in the Library. You spend a fair bit of time here so at least it is easy to get between the two now.
  5. The next few tips refer to the develop Module only. First up is W which selects the Eyedropper White Balance tool in the Develop Module.
  6. R selects the Crop Overlay
  7. N is the Remove Spots tool
  8. \ (backslash) shows the image as it was upon import Y offers a side by side before and after view and Shift + Y show a split screen.
  9. To export image press Ctrl + Shift + E. This works on a single image or multiple images selected in the filmstrip or grid.
  10. Ctrl + Shift + I opens up the import dialog.
Happy clicking, shutter clicks that is, not mouse clicks!

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