Friday, 26 October 2007

More on Tripods

After the previous post I got a few emails regarding alternative tripods. The Gitzo's are expensive and hard to get hold of in Australia. Instead of listing a bunch of brands and model numbers I will give a suggested list of what to look for in a tripod and head.

It should...

  1. extend to at least head height to avoid getting a sore back, without extending the centre column.
  2. Be able to shoot at or very close to ground level with out having to reversethe centre column
  3. be sturdy enough to support your heaviest camera lens combo.
  4. Leg diameter should be around 25mm
  5. 3 or 4 section legs, any more than this and the smallest leg extention is as thin as a pencil.
  6. be easy to set up and adjust in seconds.
  7. Be rugged enough to stand up to the riggers of outdoor work and easy to clean.
  8. Be light enough to no be a burden.
  9. have some insulation on at least two of the legs to stop your hands getting to cold and to offer some padding when carrying you camera/tripod on your shoulder.
Post a comment with more suggestions.

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